Unique program for pediatric cancer patients lets them record their own music, lifting their spirits while they receive treatment.

Wired PR News.com — Young cancer patients at a Texas pediatric hospital now have more to focus on than their condition while receiving treatment, with the successful implementation of a new artistic program. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the Purple Songs Can Fly program at Texas Children’s Hospital has enabled many young patients to put their feelings to song providing them access to an in-hospital full-scale recording studio.

Program founder Anita Kruse is quoted in the report as stating of Purple Songs Can Fly, “There’s a point where the kids realize they are not thinking about anything else. It’s just about being in that creative place… Seeing someone going through something really difficult let that go, even if it’s just for the moment, it’s beautiful.”

Launched in 2006, the program has produced over 116 patient songs. Hospital oncologist ZoAnne Dreyer is quoted as remarking, “We’re trying to get kids through cancer, so the more fun we can make it, the better their response is to everything… It will give them a chance to get beyond this.”

Photo Credit: Saltmiser

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