Workers at a North Texas factory are accused of adorning work areas with racist messages. — The controversial town of Paris Texas is back in the hot seat with new allegations of racism. A complaint was filed last week with the EEOC against local factory Turner Pipe Industries. Employee Karl Mitchell, who is African American, made the claim that a noose, Confederate flags, and racist graffiti on bathroom walls including the n-word and hate speech against President Barack Obama, have for some time been commonplace sightings at the plant.

Mitchell alleges the noose and graffiti have been on display for at least 9 months. He reported that he felt intimidated and feared losing his job, and that’s why he hesitated to come forward beforehand. Mitchell also claims African Americans are sometimes not paid the same rate as white employees, and also are not given promotions within the plant.

Mitchell asserts that his attempts to handle the complaints by making reports within the company were ignored, and the displays were kept out in the open for everyone to see. He further noted that although he has worked at the plant for three years and there has always been racial tension, it grew worse after Barack Obama was elected president, which prompted him to come forward. Said Mitchell of the issue “I’m hoping bringing this out in the open will allow us to repair the problem and move forward.”

Turner Pipe is one of three major plants in Paris, Texas.

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