A consumer lawsuit is alleging that Snapple Beverage Corp. misrepresents product contents.

Wired PR News – A consumer lawsuit against Snapple Beverage Corp. is alleging that the company misrepresents product ingredients in advertising. As reported by Andrews Publications, the suit filed with a California federal court is stating that the company’s drinks do not contain purported fruit juice or all natural ingredients as claimed on product labeling.

The lawsuit has been filed by Frances Von Koeing, who is noted in the report to have brought the claim on behalf of California consumers who purchased Snapple products over the past few years. The complaint includes accusations of Snapple beverages containing unhealthy ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and deceptive names on labels that lead consumers to believe that certain healthy elements are in the drinks that are not really present.

As noted in the report, Von Koeing is seeking damages for consumers who made purchases based on the company’s advertising as well as an injunction to stop marketing and labeling practices that are deemed deceptive.

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