High End Audio/Video Retailer Offering Incredible Savings On High Fidelity Equipment

Andrew Singer, renowned audio/video specialist and owner of Sound by Singer, has announced that he is offering BIG SAVINGS on an array of high-end audio and video components throughout the month of April. Now is the time to for audiophiles and videophiles to take advantage of huge savings on some of the best products available today.

New York, NY – (WiredPRNews.com) — Andrew Singer, owner of Sound by Singer  offering High End Audio – High End Video (www.soundbysinger.com), located at 18 East 16th St New York, NY, has just announced his company’s April Audio Assistance Sale, running now through April 30, cutting prices on high-end equipment from some of the hottest names in audio and video.

Right now, customers can save between 10% to 50% Focal/JM Lab speakers, Shunyata, DeVore Fidelity speakers, dCS Digital, Cambridge Audio, James Subwoofers, Esoteric Digital, Metronome CD Players, Arcam electronics, BAT electronics, Nordost cables, Musical Fidelity electronics, Krell electronics, VTL electronics, VAC (Valve Amplification Company) electronics, Runco plasma, LCD and DLP Projectors, Airtight PC-1, JL Audio Subwoofers, Lyra Cartridges, Jeff Rowland electronics, Benz Micro cartridges, VPI turntables, Rega turntables, Luxman electronics, Rogue Audio electronics, and Thiel.

“We recognize that these are tough economic times,” says Singer. “So, in an effort to help people purchase quality audio and video products without breaking their budget, we are offering some great deals through the month of April.”

An expert in hi-end audio/video equipment, Singer has made a name for himself by bridging the gap between the uninitiated buyer and the big name manufacturers. Recognizing that consumers are anxious to invest in top-of-the-line audio/video products but often don’t know where to begin, Singer’s intimate knowledge of quality audio and video equipment, as well as the respect he has earned from the industry’s leading manufacturers, strives to fill that need.

Even with Sound by Singer’s April price cuts, consumers can still expect the same quality service and expert sound design that has earned Andrew Singer a reputation as one of the leading retailers of quality audio/video equipment.

The April Audio Assistance Sale applies to in-stock items only from now until April 30, 2009 and excludes Focal/JM Lab Utopia Series speakers.

Sound by Singer is a proud dealer of Arcam, Audio Note Japan (Kondo), Audio Physic, Avid, Acoustech, Aesthetix, Black Diamond Racing, B&K, Balanced Audio Technology,Benz Micro, Billy Bags, Breuer 8C Tonearms, Brinkmann Analog, Burmester, Cary Audio, Cambridge Audio, Creek, Crestron, DCS, Denon, DeVore Fidelity, Era Design, Escient, Esoteric (teac), Fatman I-tube, Finite Elemente Pagode, Focal JM Lab, Gallo Acoustics, Grado, Graham Tonearms, HRS Systems, James Loudspeaker, Jeff Rowland Electronics, Kaleidescape, Krell, Leon, Lexicon, LFD Amplifiers, Lipinski Audio Systems, luxman, Lyra Cartridges, Magico Speakers, MagnumDynalab, Martin Logan, MetronomeTechnology, Monster Cable, Music Hall, Musical Fidelity, Nordost, Pathos, Peak-Consult, PS Audio, Rega, Rel, Request Audio, Richard Gray PC, Rives Audio, Rogue Audio, Rockport Technologies, Runco, Salamander, Sanus Systems, Schroers&Schroers, Shunyata Research, SME, Sooloos, Soulution, Soundations, Speakercraft, Stewart Filmscreen, Straight Wire, Tannoy, Target, Thiel, Tom Evans Audio Design, Trigon, VAC (Valve Amplification), Vandersteen Audio, Vienna Acoustics, VPI, VTL (Vacuum Tube Logic), and ZANDEN.

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