A new study says some sugars are less healthy than others.

Wired PR News – Not all sugars are the same outlined by a new study. As reported by TIME, the study proposes that the body differentiates between the different types of sugars glucose, fructose, and sucrose, with one being less healthy than the other two.

As noted in the report, the over consumption of fructose places individuals at a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes than consuming glucose at the same level. University of California Davis researchers tested the effects of drinking fructose and glucose sweetened drinks on 32 overweight or obese individuals over the course of twelve weeks. The results showed that although both groups gained similar amounts of weight, those who drank the fructose containing drinks demonstrated significant signs of unhealthy changes within their bodies. Peter Havel, UC Davis professor and the study’s lead author, is quoted as stating, “This suggests that in the same way that not all fats are the same, not all dietary carbohydrates are the same either.”

The report was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Uwe Hermann

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