With their innovative “UberRank” Fantasy Football Draft Cheat sheet, FantasyDraftMaster.com has effectively eliminated geographic and media bias by compiling as many player ranking sources as possible and arriving at the true ranking or “UberRank”

Las Vegas, Nevada (WiredPRNews) 12, May, 2009 – The world of fantasy football will never be the same. Fantasy football has become one of the most popular pastimes in the United States and the world. With over 20 million players last year, you would be hard pressed to find a water cooler on a Monday morning that is not surrounded by men and women discussing the successes and failures of the respective teams. In fact, it has been reported that production in the workplace drops off substantially the after Labor Day because of workers spending copious amounts of work time studying and managing their teams.

The most daunting task for all fantasy football owners is drafting a competitive and successful team. This often involves hours, even days of laborious research. Historically, those who have skipped the work of researching player rankings have been banished to the basement of their league standings year in and year out. However, with the revolutionary “UberRank” fantasy football cheat sheet, available exclusively at Fantasy Draft Master cheaters can prosper!!

The “UberRank” fantasy football cheat sheet allows even the biggest procrastinators among us to have the best possible chance to draft a winning team. The “UberRank” cheat sheet consults upwards of 50 different fantasy football ranking sources and compiles them, thus eliminating the personal or geographical bias that can afflict even the most diligent and objective prognosticator. By consulting vast numbers of sources, the “UberRank” fantasy football cheat sheet gives you the absolute truth about where each player should be ranked and absolutely the best possible chance to draft a winning team.

“I usually spend $20-$30 on magazines right before the draft, and these magazines have usually been sitting on the shelf for months with no updates. This will probably be the first season I don’t draft someone who suffered a season threatening injury in training camp! The UberRank is the Best $9.95 I have ever spent for fantasy football” Dave Wood, NV.

The “UberRank” Fantasy Football cheat has been developed over the past decade and is available to the public for the first time this season. This player ranking system and cheat sheet is distributed exclusive by FantasyDraftMaster.com LLC. For additional information on The UberRank Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet please email us at [email protected] or visit www.fantasydraftmaster.com

About FantasyDraftMaster.com LLC:
Fantasy Draft Master is located in Las Vegas Nevada and was founded by brothers Deej and Pretzel May. Both long time fantasy football players and multiple championship winners, the brothers May decided to bring their wealth of knowledge to the people in the spring of 2009. In their efforts to be your one stop for fantasy football dominance, FantasyDraftMaster.com also offers various other features including, “Top Targets”, a weekly list of the best free agent and waiver wire options, “Line Up Guru” coaching help for those tough decisions and “Pretzel’s Picks” weekly game picks for your eliminator and other pools.

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