Doctors have found a new way to help patients battle cancer using the body’s immune system.

Wired PR News – Researchers have made huge strides in the fight against cancer. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), immune therapies have been found to be beneficial for treating cancer, after 30 years of research.

As noted by the AP, information about the treatment was presented Sunday at a conference on cancer. Experimental vaccines for the treatment of prostate cancer, melanoma, neuroblastoma, and a form of lymphoma were reported to have positive results when tested. The method is referred to as a vaccine; however, it is used for treatment of the disease as opposed to prevention.

Dr. Len Lichtenfeld with the American Cancer Society is quoted in the report as stating, “I don’t know what we did differently to make the breakthrough… We’ve raised so many false hopes in the past. What’s different this time is we have the science reports to back up improvements.”

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