Disney is reportedly making a large investment in a theme park in Hong Kong.

Wired PR News – Walt Disney Co. is reportedly set to make a multi-million dollar investment in a theme park in Hong Kong. As reported by Reuters, Disney is expected to make a $452 million investment in the expansion of its Hong Kong theme park.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang has reportedly stated that Hong Kong will convert some of it’s debt to equity rather than invest additional capital in the project, which will make the government’s stake 52 percent.

Helen Chan, a government economist, is quoted by Reuters as stating of the project, “If there is no expansion, the attraction of the theme park will fall over time.” The Hong Kong government is further quoted as releasing the statement, “To help deleverage the joint venture the government will convert a substantial part of its loan to equity, retaining a balance of not less than HK$1 billion.”

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Lyght

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