WiredPRNews.com — This month, Vertical Measures, an award-winning provider of search engine optimization and link building services, reaches out a helping hand to the global business community with its online SEO video tutorials. These educational materials include both videos by the Vertical Measures team, and a compilation of videos and educational resources from industry leaders.

The SEO videos cover topics such as the importance of meta tags in titles and headings, how to optimize your website content, and strategies for choosing the best keywords. Additionally, these videos illustrate how to use alt image tags, and other valuable techniques for image optimization, something many website owners forget to do.

These videos also describe ones need for an XML sitemap for search engines, and an HTML sitemap for your visitors, as well the proper use of internal links on your site. Together, these tools comprise an extensive collection of tools and SEO tips that can now be accessed free of charge from the company’s website.

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures describes the overwhelming need for these SEO tutorial videos, “Many people, including some of our clients, still don’t fully comprehend some important onsite SEO factors. Explaining over the phone or via e-mail is hard without visual representations. Which is why we’ve developed a few video additions to our SEO resources page, including some great SEO tips & training videos.”

Those interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization and techniques to get higher search engine rankings are asked to visit VerticalMeasures.com/resources/seo-tutorial-videos/ for more information.

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