WiredPRNews.com Press Release — Are you struggling with embarrassing wrinkles and under eye bags? DermaRadiant recently announced that its popular Ageless Eyes™ and Anti Wrinkle Complex™ is now endorsed by Dr. Richard Marques of Boca Raton. Dr. Marques, a member of the DermaRadiant Special Perpetual Youth Program, initially discovered the product when a relative began using it for bags under eyes and under eye wrinkles. After seeing her amazing results after just a short amount of time, Dr. Marques quickly enrolled himself and his staff at Quick MED in Boca Raton in the DermaRadiant 2-step program. Now that Dr. Marques has seen first-hand just how much DermaRadiant Ageless Eyes™ and Anti Wrinkle Complex™ can reduce under eye bags and wrinkles, he is recommending it to patients who are looking for wrinkle reduction or enhancement of Botox procedures.

Ageless Eyes™ is an exciting product from DermaRadiant, designed to target the eye area to reduce bags under eyes, puffy eyes and unsightly dark circles under eyes. The unique formula found in Ageless Eyes™ contains the strong wrinkle fighting ingredients of Dermaxyl, Matrixyl 3000, Eyeless, Collagen and Retinol. Clinical studies conducted by Croda, Inc. resulted in a recommended concentration of these active ingredients, however, DermaRadiant incorporates TRIPLE the amount of the suggested concentration to bring you the best wrinkle cream for getting rid of bags under eyes and puffy eyes. These ingredients, combined with some of nature’s finest antioxidants including Mid-Leaf Aloe, Chamomilla Flower Extract and Lavender Extract, make this a truly revolutionary product in the battle against aging skin.

Dr. Marques’s endorsement of DermaRadiant Ageless Eyes™ and Anti Wrinkle Complex™ provides further evidence of what customers and clinical studies have already proven. While many products promise to magically erase wrinkles under eyes and other signs of aging, Ageless Eyes™ begins delivering amazing results from the first application. The fast-acting, yet gentle formula works with your skin to increase collagen production and decrease fluid accumulation around the eyes, reversing the signs of environmental damage and the natural signs of aging. Wrinkles are dramatically reduced as bags under eyes and puffy eyes disappear, revealing a revitalized and energized appearance.

In honor of Dr. Marques’ endorsement of Ageless Eyes™and Anti Wrinkle Complex™, DermaRadiant is offering new customers a celebratory promotion on the best wrinkle cream. For a limited time, new customers can try either Ageless Eyes™ or the company’s wildly successful Anti Wrinkle Complex™ for 25% off the original price, with FREE shipping and handling. To receive this discount, just enter coupon code PL55302 on the checkout page.

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