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Unfortunately, workplace bullying occurs at many companies. The cost to employers is obvious: Targeted employees often have higher absenteeism rates and are less productive.  Employees who are bullied will almost certainly leave their employer, leading to a high turnover rate.

Bullying takes several forms. A bully may make derogatory remarks, sabotage an employee’s work, or blame mistakes on others. Sometimes bullies spread office rumors or use subtle physical intimidation tactics (such as blocking a doorway) to gain power over victims.

Although several states have moved to enact anti-bullying laws, employers should initiate actions on their own to rid their workplace of bullies.  To this end, managers should be trained in handling workplace conflicts. All employees should be encouraged to speak to a superior or to a human resources representative if an employee either feels troubled by a workplace relationship or witnesses bullying. Following any such reports, the company should investigate the situation and discipline the bully, if necessary. In addition, some companies may choose to draft specific anti-bullying employment policies, identifying the behaviors that the employer will not tolerate and detailing the consequences for violations.

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