A new study suggests many kids feel the threat of being bullied in their classrooms.

U.S. (WiredPRNews.com) – A new study suggests a number of children feel intimidated by bullies in their classrooms, more than previously believed. As reported by HealthDay News, the study found that two-thirds of the students surveyed reported having been subjected to some form of classroom bullying over the last month. An estimated 25 percent also reportedly resorted to measures such as skipping classes, or avoiding other areas of their schools in an attempt to prevent being bullied.

As noted in the report, the findings of the study were presented in Philadelphia at the American Public Health Association’s yearly meeting. H. Wesley Perkins, lead researcher on the study, is quoted by HealthDay News as stating in a release, “These findings show that it is erroneous to think of the classroom as a safe haven from bullying and to think that more remote or less-monitored areas of school are necessarily the greatest risk for students.”

Information on bullying prevention may be available at http://www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/kids/.

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