The parents of a four year-old boy debate with the Mequite ISD school board over the length of their son’s hair.

Mesquite, Texas ( – Parents of a four year-old have been in a lengthy battle with Mesquite ISD over the length of their son’s hair. As reported by CBS 11 News, Floyd Elementary School officials have isolated Taylor Pugh in the classroom, citing that his hair is too long and a violation of a 40-year-old school policy.

Taylor’s father, Delton, is quoted in the report as stating of the matter, “I think I’m a pretty decent dad and I pick my battles. One of my battles is that I’m not going to force him to cut his hair.”

His mother, Elizabeth Taylor, is further quoted by CBS 11 News as stating of the school’s decision to give the four-year-old in school suspension, “He’s just a four-year-old little boy who wants to keep his hair… He’s no different than anybody else in his class with his long hair or without it.”

As noted in the report, the school board ruled Monday that Taylor could be sent back to regular classes provided his parents braid his hair in cornrows. However, his parents have expressed that they plan on sending him to school without doing so. – The latest in Dallas News

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