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U.K. (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – A fund is being planned by the Department for Work to help individuals who have been injured or have become ill on the job, but have been denied needed compensation. As reported by, the fund has been deemed a major step for the Mirror’s Asbestos campaign because it will potentially benefit victims of asbestos exposure who have become ill as a result.

The sister of asbestos victim Christopher Bell who was awarded damages by a court for mesothelioma, but has yet to receive a payout, Catherine, is quoted in the report as stating of hopes that the fund will be implemented swiftly, “We hope it will be put in place quickly so he can benefit. Or no-one will pay.”

The Association of British Insurers is quoted as stating of its opposition to the fund, “It can’t be right that today’s lawabiding employers should pay for firms that no longer exist and who may not have had insurance.”

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