The automaker recently shot back at critics who have blamed defective electronics for vehcile safety issues.

Washington ( – Toyota has responded to critics who’ve asserted that electronic errors were to blame for recalled vehicle safety issues. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), experts assembled by the automaker stated Monday that less complex mechical issues were the main contributing factors. Toyota has reportedly recalled 8 million vehicles due to faulty accelator pedals.

As noted in the report, the rebuttal comes after the automaker was accused of not fixing the safety problems on recalled cars and trucks, after experiments were conducted by Illinois professor David W. Gilbert showing possible problems within Toyota vehicle systems.

Kristen Tabar, an electronics general manager with Toyota’s technical center, is quoted by the AP as stating in reference to the critics’ claims during a news conference, “There isn’t a ghost issue out there.” – The latest in Auto and Accident Injury News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Tohma

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