Elkridge, MD (WiredPRNews.com) “Deep Brain Diary: My Life as a Guy with Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Surgery Volunteer” is ready and available for purchase at http://www.lulu.com. It will also be available at online book resellers nationwide in the near future. But readers can buy it today and get the biggest bang for their buck as far as a contribution to the National Parkinson Foundation if they purchase the book from Lulu, not waiting until it’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere.

A resident of Elkridge, Md., author/blogger Bill Schmalfeldt’s Parkinson’s disease symptoms have made it necessary to work from home as a writer-editor and podcaster for a federal agency in Bethesda, Md. During his spare time, he blogs about his experience as a Parkinson’s patient at “My PD Diary” (http://parkinsondiary.com) explained, he will contribute 100% of the author proceeds from this book to the research funding efforts of the National Parkinson Foundation as they search for new and better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease — which afflicts about 1.5 million Americans — with 50,000 new diagnoses each year.

The hardcover book retails for $30. If you buy it from Lulu, the author’s cut is $9.71. So, that’s a $9.71 donation to the National Parkinson Foundation.

If readers wait to buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or care to order from a brick & mortar type book store (which they will be able to do in 6-8 weeks), it will still cost $30. But the author cut is only 91 cents. That’s a 91 cent donation to National Parkinson Foundation.

So, to those interested in buying the book who want the National Parkinson Foundation to get the most from their purchase, the time to buy a copy of “Deep Brain Diary” is right now!

Readers requesting a signed of the “Deep Brain Diary” should follow these steps:
1. Buy it from Lulu (or wait until it’s available at Amazon, eBay, B&N and elsewhere)
2. Use the contact form on the author’s website (http://www.parkinsondiary.com/drop-me-a-line/) to request his mailing address.
3. Mail him a copy of the book, along with a book-sized SASE with sufficient return postage.
4. Include a note telling him who he’s signing for and if there is any special message.
He’ll sign it right away, and get it back into the mail pronto .

“I’m excited about this, and I’m excited about the good we can do, in a small way perhaps, to assist the National Parkinson Foundation find a cure for Parkinson’s disease,” Schmalfeldt said.

Go to Lulu.com (http://www.lulu.com) and do a search for “Deep Brain Diary” to purchase the book as a hardcover or as an e-book download. (NPF gets a $2.81 cut for every $5 download.)

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