Los Angeles, California (WiredPRNews.com) — On June 2nd of this year, Ken Griffey Jr. unceremoniously retired from the Seattle Mariners after a Hall Of Fame worthy career as a professional baseball player. Unfortunately, Junior’s announcement was overshadowed in the baseball world by the media frenzy surrounding umpire Jim Joyce’s questionable call on the final out of Armanado Galarraga’s “Imperfect Game” the following day. As a community dedicated to supporting the sports fans perspective, Project Franchise doesn’t believe that Griffey got the loving farewell he deserved, and we intend to change that.

As a show of appreciation for ‘The Kid’, Project Franchise is rallying fan support to set a world record for “The Most People Wearing A Backwards Hat” on July 24th 2010, a tribute to his #24 jersey number and signature style. On the big day, fans are encouraged to throw on a baseball cap of any team, turn it around 180-degrees, snap a picture and upload it to the shared fan gallery at www.ProjectFranchise.org. With enough fans joining in, the aim is to have reached a record worthy number of hats turned back ‘Griffey-style’ by the end of the day, giving Junior the send-off he earned. To support the cause, the Project Franchise Team Captains will be in Anaheim, California today for the MLB Home Run Derby, an event Griffey won 3 times in his career, promoting the upcoming event to the national audience of fans in attendance.

Ken Griffey Jr. had a career that spanned across four decades, where he had nearly 3,000 hits and over 600 home runs, leaving him fifth on the all time career HR list. In 1993 Griffey won over a national following of fans after hitting a monster homerun clear out of the right field stadium of Camden Yard and off the wall of the warehouse across the street, a feat that had never been accomplished before and that hasn’t been done since.

The following year Griffey won his first Homerun Derby and had the 1994 season not been cut short by a labor strike, it’s very likely he would have surpassed Mickey Mantle’s legendary 61 homeruns in a single season, well before the record would be tainted by steroids. In an era dominated by accusations of performance enhancing drug use, Griffey seemed to avoid ever being considered a suspect by simply playing by the rules. A variety of injuries, mostly sustained during hustle plays, damaged the second half of his career, but unlike many of his contemporaries, Griffey didn’t take HGH or steroids to enable a quick recovery. Instead, he played through and persevered, outlasting almost everyone else from his genre and finishing his career back in the city where it began.

Amidst a generation of professional baseball players that have been mostly shunned by the fans and media, Ken Griffey Jr. stands out as an anomaly. He is almost universally loved and regularly receives accolades from fans of even his team’s biggest rivals. Since the MLB has shied away from ever mentioning the “Steroid Era”, they have failed to properly honor the greatness of Griffey. However, since Project Franchise is all about the fan, we are hoping to honor the true fan favorite this month in epic fashion by retiring his style as a world record. For more information, please sign up and join the team at www.projectfranchise.org, and we will send out further details in the days leading up to the record attempt.


Project Franchise LLC is a California company that is the owner and operator of the sports focused website www.projectfranchise.org. Through the raising of private funds, sponsorships and merchandise sales, Project Franchise seeks to purchase a professional U.S. sports team that will be run by the fans through easy online voting. The official Project Franchise blog can be found at www.FrontOfficeFans.com and the Fan Fits clothing line is available at www.Fan-Fits.com.

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