LOUISVILLE, KY — July 2010 — The oil event in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in millions of gallons of crude oil being injected into the ocean waters of the gulf. This oil can cause gas station like odors that are the result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in crude oil such as, benzene, tuolene, xylene, and naphthalene. Through the oil evaporation process, these gases become airborne impacting the gulf coastal areas where people live and work.

AAF International offers a complete line of filtration solutions for the removal of chemicals from the air, including AmAir/C disposable carbon filters. Made with activated carbon, AmAir/C filters are more effective than standard odor control filters, because they contain more chemical media, using AAF’s SAAFWeb™ technology.

While several chemical compounds have been identified as being present in crude oil and in the oil dispersants, there are likely other unidentified VOCs present. These unknown chemicals can cause headaches; eye, nose and throat irritation; or nausea. AmAir/C filters remove VOCs and reduce their levels to help control oil related odors.

Common coastal area building types where oil odors may occur include hotels, commercial buildings, condominiums, restaurants, and retail stores.

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