08/13/2010 // Carrollton, Texas, USA // Evie’s Easel Faux Painting // Eva Musquiz

Have you ever hired the cheapest painting contractor and found yourself following up that botched job by paying a new painter to ‘fix’ the job?

It is the most common mistake people make when it comes to choosing a painter. Hiring the least expensive contractor and expecting too much can lead to dissatisfaction with the job, wasted money and your loss of confidence in hiring a professional to handle the job.

Most painters are open to input from clients on desired colors. But all colors selected by you, the client, might not have the desired end result after furniture is in place and the pictures are hung.

A professional painter must come with an ‘eye for color’. An ordinary painter wants simply to be told “paint this color in this room”. The color may be all wrong if all factors aren’t taken into consideration like natural window light and bulb lighting. Most clients lose enthusiasm once the wrong color is in place; and the painter has been paid. I can offer you a solution!!

Call a professional. My name is Eva and I am the owner/artist at Evie’s Easel – a Dallas decorative painting company. I can assist you in your paint color selection, with perfection! I have been an artist (in this faux finishing field) for over a decade and will be happy to provide you with the right color at the right price!


EVIE’S EASEL – a decorative painting company


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