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Smokers can enjoy the pleasures of smoking, without the guilt and without the restrictions. It is now possible to relieve the stresses and pressures, at work, in non smoker’s homes, and even at the hospital, with smokeless e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere because there is no second hand smoke or accompanying second hand smoking health risk. Electronic cigarettes also produce no harmful tars to impact the smoker’s health. E cigarettes yield nicotine to the user only while producing water vapor steam for the illusion of smoke. It’s just water vapor so non smokers have no need to fear, and picky housekeepers need not worry about nicotine film or build up.

These e-cigarettes produce absolutely no second hand smoke, or any risk to non smoking people in the area. Because there is no health or fire risk, e-cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, in any non smoking area. Smokers can “light up” anywhere they choose again, while non smokers have nothing to fear from the harmless water vapor. Meanwhile the smoker gets a dose of nicotine, and the feel of smoking.

Some e-smokers report that they have switched entirely to e-cigarettes, and do not smoke tobacco anymore. Others use it for smoking satisfaction in public, while still smoking regular cigarettes occasionally as well. E-smokers are reporting a cessation of smokers cough, and an improved vitality resulting from breathing freer under exertion, and no typical shortness of breath after a long jog.

One of the biggest benefits of e-cigarettes is the new unity between smokers, non smokers and especially ex-smokers. No longer are families divided right after holiday dinners, as smokers are banished to shiver in the cold. No longer are smokers exiled to the patio in freezing weather while the non-smokers gather around the table or the living room fire place. The reinstatement of the family after meal conversation is a one of the greatest accomplishments of the e-cigarette.

Now smokers can join the non-smokers guilt free, without feeling nicotine deprived. Relaxing by the fire over the holidays, being able to stay in public for hours on end, in non smoking areas without withdrawal symptoms, and finding renewed closeness with non smoking family and friends are just a few of the advantages of e-cigarettes.

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