Los Angeles, CA (WiredPRNews.com) The whole summer is before us and can be LONG! It really is a great opportunity to stop time and dig into the challenges that have been creeping up during the current school year. Here are six great ways to keep your child engaged and motivated this summer:

1) CATCH UP OR GET AHEAD – Iron Out Those Wrinkles!
Using last year’s assignments locate your child’s “trouble spots” and create educational games to reinforce tough concepts. “Real world” activities such as earning and spending money are great for making connections. Or, obtain your child’s curriculum for the coming year (you may be able to borrow materials through the school, or purchase them at a bookstore). Give your child a jump start for the new school year by strengthening his/her skills in certain subjects or by fine tuning already apparent talents.

TIP**You can now enroll your child in accredited independent study online and receive full credit at your school? These courses are a great way to re-take a difficult class at your child’s own pace or take something new.

2) TEST PREPARATION – Spring Ahead, Don’t Fall Back!
The summer is the BEST time to start preparing for the SAT, SSAT, ISEE or other standardized tests that are looming in the fall. During the summer your child can really focus on developing critical reading skills and building vocabulary & math aptitude because there isn’t a lot of schoolwork to distract him or her! Help your child get ahead this fall and take advantage of the time this summer.

The best approach to creating a genuine enjoyment for reading is to allow your child to choose what he’d like to read. Go to the library and research different topics until he finds the one that jumps out at him. Then begin writing drafts and reports. These skills will benefit your child forever. Once he’s hooked you’ll find his comprehension, vocabulary and his organizational skills on target!

Stimulate your child’s imagination by suggesting fun story ideas and let him create his own books. You may also play the role of transcriber, writing the story as your child verbally dictates. At night, have him keep a journal which will make his language more fluid, increasing his ability to feel comfortable expressing himself with words.

Go through your child’s favorite story books and transfer challenging words to index cards and help your child master these words by sight. Have your child come up with fun sentences to develop a deeper understanding of the words.

6) EXPLORATION OF TALENTS and ABILITIES – Uncover your child’s uniqueness.
An investigative parent can record those things that most attract his/her child. Maybe your child is interested in music, a particular instrument? If your child is crazy about sports, support that interest! Keep track of those things that your child is consistently drawn to, for they may hold the answers to his future aspirations. Keep your child alert and active all summer long.

Kim Hartley, Executive Director and Eudcational Consultant at Buddy System is available for interviews or bookings, please email [email protected] or call Kim at 888.988.8867 x 4. For more on Summer enrichment visit www.buddysystem.com

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