Minneapolis, MN (WiredPRNews.com) The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) announced today that Glance Networks, Inc. has become an “Underwriter“ sponsor of the association in support of its many conferences, webinars, and other educational forums. “We are truly excited that Glance and its accomplished executive team will be supporting the mission of our association as together we help inside sales reach new levels of professionalism, recognition, and performance. We are also pleased to have Glance’s Tom Scontras, Vice President of Marketing join our Advisory Board,” said Larry Reeves, AA-ISP Chief Operating Officer.

As part of its Underwriter status of the AA-ISP, Glance executives will participate as presenters in the annual Leadership Summit and the association’s regional conferences. In addition, they will provide support for various nation-wide chapter meetings and other education forums such as the AA-ISP webinar series. “Glance Networks is a perfect complement for inside sales. Their screen-sharing tool is an ideal fit for inside reps looking to do on-the fly demos. They are huge proponents in support of the growth of inside sales, and are an ideal supporter of what our association is all about,” stated Bob Perkins, AA-ISP’s Founder & CEO.

“The sales world is changing, and Inside Sales is taking on an ever increasing role in the success of organizations,” explains Reeves. “This is overwhelmingly supported by recent studies that indicate corporate America is growing their year-over-year inside sales positions by 15%, while field sales are flat or decreasing. Today’s Inside Sales Professionals are top notch individuals proficient in a wide variety of skills that were never part of the sales role a few years ago. The face of sales is changing…and Inside Sales Professionals are leading the way,” Reeves commented.

“We are pleased to be associated with AA-ISP, the industry’s only organization dedicated to advancing the profession of inside sales. It’s an ideal fit working along-side the association as both of our teams are passionate about improving the productivity of inside sales professionals,” stated Tom Scontras, Glance’s Vice President of Marketing. “Whether companies today are marketing, selling or supporting software, or managing teams that do, we feel our tools tightly integrated with Salesforce can help them improve the quality and volume of their sales and service interactions,” continued Scontras.

Glance Networks will be participating throughout the AA-ISP’s upcoming Leadership Summit, including a general session presentation given by Tom Scontras on “The Sales Future” on May 10th-11th in Minneapolis, MN.

About the AA-ISP
The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (“AA-ISP”) is dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. As the only association of its kind, the AA-ISP serves as an authoritative resource to leaders and individual sales representatives who want to take their organization and careers to the next level of professionalism and performance. Our mission is accomplished through an industry-specific focus on leadership and individual development, member forums and networking, best practice sharing, individual training, career development, sales accreditation and annual conferences.

About Glance Networks

Glance provides the first on-the-fly-demo tool that enables users to launch impromptu sales and support sessions instantly with one click. Designed to foster relationship building in a Salesforce.com and Sales 2.0 world, Glance solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide to enhance productivity, shorten sales cycles, reduce costs and close more business. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at http://www.glance.net.

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