Toronto, Canada ( Forget about Hollywood’s latest arrival and instead, introduce yourself to a world that views film as an art form during the exciting 7th season of ReelHeART International Film Festival, June 20-25, 2011. Toronto’s first 2.0 Film Festival!

The only “Hangover” you’ll experience at ReelHeART is the one you might get at our legendary Opening Gala Party or Closing Gala Party.

ReelHeART will screen 92 films over 6 days and nights; as we highlight films from 30 countries around the world, adding more multiple screenings of anticipated audience favorites.

Opening Day and Closing Night films are stellar examples of what can be achieved in the world of independent filmmaking

**Official Opening Day Film ReelHeART 2011** from Mumbai, India, “Land Gold Women” directed by Avantika Hari is the story of Nazir Ali Khan a devoted to his family man and professor at the University of Birmingham whose greatest love in life is his 17-year old-daughter Saira. For her future, they both have different plans and this heartbreaking discovery leads to betrayal and gut-wrenching tragedy.

**Official Closing Night Film ReelHeART 2011** from the USA, “How I Got Lost”, directed by Joe Leonard is pretty much seamless from beginning to end. Using two rather significant dates for New Yorkers as dramatic pinpoints, (September 11, 2001 and the August 14, 2003 Blackout), this bittersweet drama explores the relationship between two buddies who are in the midst of turmoil and are trying to find happiness and meaning in their lives.

Musician’s are also making films this season: the documentary film “El Payo” is produced by Rob Barker of the ‘Tragically Hip’, and a comedic short film, ‘Moustachette’ is written, directed by and stars Patrick Stump of “Fall Out Boy”.

Academy Award® winner Richard Dreyfuss narrates a a 1-hour documentary on the history of baseball signs and their link to the non-hearing community called “Signs of the Time”.

Emmy® nominated, Tony Award® winning actor Brian Dennehy narrates “Love & Valor – The Intimate Civil War Letters”, a narrative documentary of a Union soldier and his wife as told through their actual letters written during the American Civil War.

Academy Award® winner, Olympia Dukakis narrates the documentary “The Promise of Tomorrow” highlighting the first generation Greek Americans raised in southern California.

And new director Libby Spears brings us the harrowing documentary “Playground” that focuses on USA’s lucrative involvement in the child sex trade industry. The film is executive produced by Academy Award® nominee Grant Heslov and Academy Award® winner George Clooney.

ReelHeART is where you see future award winners when they are on the cusp of being great.

Keep the dates open to the only place to see great indie films this year — the 7th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival, June 20-25. Don’t forget to check out our Top 3 Feature Screenplay Winners at the ReelHeART Live Reads.

Find our fully interactive online program and Advance online tickets sales at

Time to move over to the indie side and support independent film. Show your ReelHeART!

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