New York, NY (WiredPRNews.com) Here’s to a brand new generation of “Truly Outrageous” JEMGIRLS and JEMBOYS getting to experience “JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS” for the first time as it begins a whole new run summer 2011 weekdays on Hasbro’s “The Hub” WWW.HUBWORLD.COM

“Jem and the holograms” starring the voice-over talents of “Samantha Newark” in the beloved Iconic roles of “Jem” and “Jerrica” and “Patricia Alice Albrecht” voice of “Pizzazz” Jem’s notorious nemesis follows the story of Jerrica Benton, who discovers an incredible and mysterious computer named “Synergy” created by her father. Synergy allows her to transform from co-owner of Starlight Music into rock star Jem with the help of her remote holographic projector Star earrings by uttering the iconic words “Showtime Synergy”. With her sister Kimber and best friends Aja and Shana in tow, they form a “Truly Outrageous” all-girl band called “Jem and The Holograms” and set out to make their way in the music world. They are ruthlessly challenged by the evil Eric Raymond and his musical protégés “The Misfits” who try their best to upstage and sabotage the holograms in any way possible. With the wonderful writing talent of Christy Marx and the passionate directing of industry voice-over veteran Wally Burr this stellar cartoon cast brought to life wonderful stories that are often spoken of as very wise little morality plays with timeless lessons and wholesome wisdom in each episode.

This trendsetting animated series flew to #1 in the Neilson ratings in 1986 eclipsing “G. I. Joe”, “Smurfs”, “Transformers” and “Thundercats”. Kids went crazy for everything “Jem”. There were sticker books, sleeping bags, Halloween costumes, Lunchboxes, backpacks, t-shirts, puzzles and dolls for all the characters spanning the 3 seasons. The show aired not only the US but Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France, South America, creating a fiercly loyal and vocal fan base for “Jem” all over the world. “Jem’s” influence is reflected in the fashion in the late 1980s and included dazzeling music video’s during the cartoon. It is known to have inspired the careers of many female pop stars and music groups, and now in 2011, what’s more fun than being able to revisit our childhoods with “Jem”.

JEM TALENT: www.samanthanewark.com, www.christymarx.com, www.wallyburr.com

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