Glassboro, New Jersey ( Matt Blatt Suzuki in Glassboro, New Jersey, is working with Worth Outdoor LLC,, on a innovative new campaign that is sure to gain a lot of attention. Everyone will be doing a double take when they see the image of a 2011 Suzuki Kizashi ‘flipped upside down’ on a 53’ tractor trailer. Along with showing Suzuki’s premier luxury sedan, the ads will remind consumers that they will “Flip Over the Low Prices” at Matt Blatt.

Worth Outdoor LLC, founded by Andrew Garber and Jay Roseman, have taken Out of Home (OOH) advertising to a new level. In cooperation with NFI Industries, based out of Southern NJ, and other transportation and logistics providers, Worth Outdoor is placing impossible to ignore, reusable, magazine quality, eye catching graphics on the sides and backs of 53’ semi trailers. These ever moving and larger than life billboards travel the major highways, bridges and local roads with dedicated routes and destinations throughout the region and are available nationwide. Andrew Garber explains, ” major advances in recent years of GPS tracking combined with TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) reporting, validation and large format “one piece” graphic printing has enabled trailer and truck side marketing to become a important cost effective and high ROI option in companies OOH (out of home) and overall media strategy. In today’s fragmented mobile society and especially in this economy, advertisers need and want a cost effective method to reach the “advertising bombarded” consumers in a way that they cannot selectively avoid the message by changing the TV channel, turning the magazine or newspaper page or clicking off the computer window. The dramatic increase in the use of TIVO and DVR’s enable TV and cable viewers to “fast forward” thru all the commercials. Garber points out “consumers can’t TIVO what is out of their windshields and have to pay attention to a moving 53′ semi trailer with visually stunning graphics. We have found our clients to be excited by the “green” benefit which also saves materials and money. There is no wasted fuel or vinyl with this program. The trailers are on their steady normal routes to and from major retailers like Staples, Pet Smart and Trader Joe’s. Since it is cooperative in it’s nature, fleet side marketing currently has the 2nd lowest CPM(cost per thousand) after the internet. When the campaign is complete, the high quality heavy duty one piece banners can be saved, hung on a selected fixed locations or rotated among other markets. Garber additionally notes, “the message and the image is only limited by the imagination of the creative design team.” It can be truly amazing what can now be done”. Media planners and people in the advertising industry also realize that while many companies focus on the “small screen” computer internet and smartphone, these larger than life, 53’x10′ feet moving billboards provide one of the last large format truly measurable media outlets for brands to use! These impressive vehicles can also serve as a perfect method to integrate a company’s traditional marketing, social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and mobile strategy by allowing consumers to “like” the trailer, or report on “tweet” when or where they spot it. The advertiser is then able to capture valuable consumer information and in turn provide a “virtual coupon” or other benefit to the consumer. For automotive advertising clients, fleetside captures the elusive 18-40 year old male demographic who is more often than not a “super commuter” with time in the car thinking about their vehicle. Garber says “it’s all about capturing the attention, eyeballs and imagination of the consumer”. Working on the “prices so low you’ll flip” campaign with the Matt Blatt team has been great! They are a wonderful organization and we are expecting terrific results from this campaign.

The family owned Matt Blatt Dealerships have been a fixture in the South Jersey area for more than twenty years. With locations serving South Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley, selections include new Suzuki and Kia brand vehicles as well as more than 100 makes and models of low mileage, late model cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles with the “best price upfront” no haggle prices.

NFI, founded in 1932 as National Hauling, has evolved from a trucking company into one of the largest privately held integrated supply chain solutions providers in North America. Today, NFI provides logistics, warehousing and distribution, transportation, intermodal, real estate, transportation brokerage, packaging, solar, trailer leasing & storage, global and consulting services. NFI employs more than 5,600 people in the US and Canada. Revenues have surpassed $900 million and the company is well positioned to continue its growth. Its market share predominantly comes from consumer and retail goods, general commodities and food and grocery. NFI is headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information visit:

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