Altanta, GA ( Child custody is a very important legal concept that affects all parents regardless of their marital status or living arrangements. Essentially child custody means legal authority over a child, it is called guardianship, a person who has custody has legal responsibility for a child. They are responsible for the child’s well being, his or her education, healthcare and living arrangements and held legally accountable for the child’s actions.

This concept can seem simple on the surface but it is actually very complex. Child custody can involve many different areas of the law including divorce, gay rights, adoption, and other statutes. That is why anybody who gets into a child custody dispute or potential custody dispute needs to have an experienced child custody lawyer in Atlanta on his or her side.

This attorney will understand this important concept and the law behind it. He or she will understand the state statutes involved and the recent court rulings in the case. That way the parent’s child custody rights will be protected.

How to Lose Child Custody
The fastest way for a parent to lose child custody rights including visitation is to not employ the services of an experienced family law attorney. A parent will need such a litigator because the courts will usually not pay attention to a parent without legal representation. It is not supposed to work that way but it is how it works in the real world.

If there is no legal representation a judge or a social worker could end up making child custody decisions for you and your children. This arrangement puts men and others including gay, transgender, lesbian and bisexual citizens at a disadvantage. The judge or social worker could make decisions based on his or her prejudice rather than the best interests of the child. Or worse they’ll just make the decision that requires the least paperwork.

The way to avoid this situation is to consult a good child custody lawyer when the matter arises. Such a professional will be able to tell the parent what the best course of action is. More importantly he or she will be able to devise a strategy to protect the parent’s rights. Such a strategy will have to involve the law including statutes and the latest legal decisions.

Every parent should be aware of child custody and how it can affect his or her family life. Every parent should also be prepared to hire an attorney to defend his or rights to raise his or her children as he or she sees fit. In the end that is what child custody is all about.

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