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The first annual US Schützenfest was held January 27th, 2012 in Seattle Washington. The contest and festival were open to international and domestic sharp-shooters, as well as celebratory on-lookers and party goers. The 2012 contest featured .22 caliber handguns, a break from the traditional rifle shooting featured in Germany. This one-time weapons change was intended to level the playing field.

The first annual US Schützenfest was modeled after the Schützenfest festival held in the north German town of Altenoythe. Strangely, the first ever winner of US Schützenfest was Christian Blome from Altenoythe, Germany. Christian took the first place (gold) medal after a tie in the first round forced a sudden death playoff between Christian, and local favorite Stephen Tainter. Stephen Tainter (USA) won the Silver, Dave Caple (USA) took Bronze, Brian Hodges (USA) took fourth, and Charles “Chas” Schmidt (USA) took fifth. Tournament favorite Ashot Geodakov (Russia) finished sixth, despite being heavily favored to win. First round scores for the top 5 were: Christian Blome, 48. Stephen Tainter, 48. Dave Caple, 47. Brian Hodges 46. Charles Schmidt, 45. The scores in the “sudden death” second round were: Christian Blome, 46, Stephen Tainter, 45.

There were multiple countries represented from North America, Europe, and Eastern Europe. Keeping with the traditions of German Schützenfest, Christian was crowned the “King of Schützenfest”, and his girlfriend was crowned the “Queen of Schützenfest”. The celebration & festival featured German Beers, Liquors, and a variety of German foods. There was also German music, and dancing throughout the festival.

The second annual US Schützenfest will take place January 26th in Seattle Washington, and will feature stock .22 caliber rifles.

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