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The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must Have Conversations for Transitioning to the Second Half of Life by Roberta K. Taylor and Dorian Mintzer will be featured on The Washington Post’s Personal Finance columnist Michelle Singletary’s online Q&A program, The Color of Money Live, at 12:00 Noon Eastern on February 23, 2012. On this show, Singletary answers reader’s questions and offers advice about money and finances. Interested participants can purchase and the book and then join Singletary, Taylor and Mintzer in a live online discussion.

The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle is a user-friendly guide that helps couples communicate effectively and plan together whether they are approaching retirement transition or already retired. “There are major decisions to consider when planning your retirement transition, and you probably won’t see eye-to-eye on all of them,” the authors say. “Compromises often need to be negotiated, with offers and concessions going back and forth, until you meet somewhere in the middle.”

Taylor and Mintzer ask couples to take a 10-question quiz to see if they are in sync. Rather than telling people what to do, the authors use exercises and other people’s post- and pre-retirement stories to get couples to think ahead and anticipate areas where they might disagree.

“The structure may help you avoid arguments and have more positive conversations,” they write. “The goal is to clarify what is important to each of you in developing a shared vision for the next part of your life together.”

For more information about pre-retirement planning for couples, purchase The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle from http://www.CouplesRetirementPuzzle.com

Dorian Mintzer, M.S.W., Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, career/life transition coach, executive coach, teacher and speaker and NSA member who facilitates workshops and speaks to community and professional groups on topics related to mid-life issues. She is founder of the Boomers and Beyond Special Interest Group for interdisciplinary professionals. Roberta K. Taylor, RNCS, M.Ed., is a licensed psychotherapist, life planning coach and consultant, couples relationship coaching specialist and NSA speaker who facilitates workshops and speaks to professional and community organizations on topics related to midlife and retirement transition.

Further information is available at: http://www.CouplesRetirementPuzzle.com or at [email protected] .

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