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Lisa Bedford, the Survival Mom and founder of TheSurvivalMom.com, recently released her new book highlighting the ways moms can prepare their families for disaster. She is taking a new approach to disaster preparedness by making sure the whole family is accounted for in her book. She discusses the many different disasters that could be cause for concern, as well as providing ways you can prepare yourself to take on these challenges.

In her book, Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenario, Lisa features many things to think about when preparing for a disaster. She includes essential tools to have to prepare, freeze dried food items to store in your pantries, and specialized kits for children and the elderly, and many other tips to make sure your family is ready if disaster strikes – disaster both big and small. She provides insight on food storage, medical preparedness, and even water purification when a disaster occurs. Lisa states, “I started my blog when I realized that all the literatureon survival and preparedness was written by men, for men. A longtime teacher and trainer, I took it upon myself to be the missing voice for the many moms out there.”

Freeze Dry Guy works closely with the Survival Mom to help the moms out there who recognize they are responsible for the well-being of their brood and ensuring individuals have the products and foods recommended in emergency preparedness and food storage.

Freeze Dry Guy provides emergency preparedness items; freeze dried foods, camping food (Mountain House products), dehydrated foods along with other survival foods. They have been in operation, and helping families with food security and emergency preparedness, for over 41 years. They offer a wide selection of ready-to-eat freeze dried food, individually packaged entrees, meats, vegetables and fruits. Their choices include gluten-free, vegetarian and organic options.

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