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04/24/2012 // HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA // smith8585 // PR FAST MARKETING AND PUBLICITY CEO JESSICA SMITH // (press release)

PR Fast Marketing Company team of social media publicity experts, Twitter PR, Facebook PR, IMDB PR, Youtube PR and search engine optimization specialists (SEO experts) will help you create an impressive online visibility.

Our experienced marketing team creates your social media strategies such as Twitter publicity, Youtube, IMDB, Website and Facebook publicity strategy and then implements it for you.

The best part is you can compete in the social media platform without spending your valuable time on this labor; leave it to us!

Publicity and social media build credibility and authority. Get your Twitter, Facebook, IMDB, Website and Youtube PR strategies and your online reputation strategy now.

Grow your Social Network now!

The majority of our clients includes: actors/filmmakers/producers, talent/management agencies, singers/bands, and professional companies (Fortune 500)


WE USE TARGETED AND UNIQUE TRAFFIC! Deliver real hits to your website! Increase your YouTube views, promote your IMDB page by increasing your starmeter rank fast!

We offer an award-winning traffic solution. We deliver a steady stream of real visitors to your site which are captured from all over the net. Today, our traffic delivery system is a trusted source which has contributed to the success of thousands of websites, from start-ups to a Fortune 500 companies.


Why IMDB starmeter is so important in the Film Industry?

Because, it’s a measure of your popularity. We know a number of casting directors who put actors’ IMDb starmeter ranking in their pitches to producers and such on what actors to get. Agents also look at it to get a sense of how bankable you are. Remember, the more popular you are, the more bankable you become.

So, promote your IMDB page and increase your starmeter rank fast. Increase your exposure and popularity on IMDB Star Meter. Promote your MOVIE, if you a PRODUCER, and/or ACTOR let us help bring you to the top.

IMDB promotions will gain the traffic and results. Check out the options below and lets increase your IMDB starmeter rank now!

If you are interested please email us at: [email protected]

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