Over-the-counter medicine found in drinking water

2008-03-14 02:32:51 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com - Top Stories)

What is in our water? In the past this question has been a concern for my many people who are not sure what kinds of harmful materials are in our drinking water. Solutions to many impure and dangerous items, such as lead, have been created-an example could be a pure water filter.

Recently, people have began to find out that traces of many over the counter drugs that are consumed in our daily lives, have been found in our water. What you find in your water, depends mainly on where you live. In the past studies have shown that fish, amphibians, or other animals that have been exposed to pharmaceuticals have shown deformity- however they are not quite sure yet what effect this could have on human beings.

Although the effects have not yet been identified, nor has a solution been proposed, what we can do is encourage our city officials to investigate water suppliers and find out what exactly is in our water and what it will do to humankind.

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