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2008-04-13 00:55:25 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com - Business, Green, Top Stories)

Dallas, Texas, (WiredPRNews.com) — Green is sweeping the nation in an effort to reverse the effects of pollution and global warming the human race has bestowed on the earth. It is due time that we recognize, analyze and act to reverse the damage that has been done and restore the environment back to its healthy state. At this point in time, any little bit helps and Greenies are taking this opportunity to educate the public on how to “go green” in every aspect of their daily life.

In the first of WiredPRNews.com’s “Go Green” segments, our Staff Environmental Greenie has tips for Going Green at the office.

When it comes to business, the bottom line is…well, the bottom line. That said, did you realize that it is more cost efficient and environmentally responsible to be eco-friendly than it is to do what we’ve always done? Here’s how:

According to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Counsel), “average office tosses out about 350 pounds of paper per employee, per year.” Use less paper and if you must print or use paper, use post-consumer recycled paper which wastes less trees. Print on both sides of a sheet of paper and collect waster paper in a large plastic bin that can be filled and dumped periodically. To lessen the work, hire a company that will not only come and collect your paper but will transport it to a recycling facility as well.

Be energy-efficient. Shut off computers, speakers, printers and copiers when not in use and on the weekends. A PC, even when turned off, still uses electricity if it’s plugged into the wall. Connect all of your electronics into a power strip and you will only have to unplug once. “Contact your utility company to arrange for a free (or inexpensive) energy audit. An engineer will examine your operations and provide you with a detailed report about how your firm can save on energy costs, from rebates to improved maintenance.” Turn off your screen saver when the computer is not in use since flying beams and light and scrolling names can eat up $50 in electricity per year!

Cut down on water waste. Check for leaks and repair them. Install water-saving toilets and landscape for water efficiency. Drink tap water and don’t use bottled water since that creates more (albeit recyclable) waste. Use a water delivery service to cut down on bottles and steer clear of paper cups!

Use earth-friendly cleaning products such as Clorox Green Works products which are made from natural cleansers. Form a Green Team at work which can improve team morale and use it as a platform to share ideas and tips for going green in other avenues.

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