Heather Locklear and a Melrose Place Reunion?

2009-01-01 03:34:40 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com - Entertainment, News)

Rumor mill reports say Heather Locklear might be moving back into Melrose Place.

Wired PR News.com – The resurgence of the late great 90210 has seemed to spark greater interest in reviving old television shows that once dominated primetime. As reported by E! Online, the CW network is planning to bring back Melrose Place and wants Heather Locklear to reprise her love to hate role. As quoted of one E! Online source, “The CW is courting Heather Locklear… I don’t think anyone else from the original has been approached yet.”

Locklear played Amanda Woodward on the original Aaron Spelling produced program, which aired for seven seasons from 1992 to 1999. Casting for the new show is said to possibly begin in January.

Beverly Hills 90210 stars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty reprised their roles from their hit drama filled program for the new 90210 series, which premiered in 2008. The original show ran for 10 years, ending in the year 2000.

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