Lottery Sales Increase Amidst Economy Downfall

2009-01-12 18:23:06 (GMT) ( - Business, News)

Several states show significant increase in lottery sales as recession deepens.

Wired PR – The depressing current economic situation has seemed to have a surprising affect on the spending habits of some individuals. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the recession has seemed to bring on an increase in the number of lottery sales in many states.

The report notes that more than half of the total number of states who have lotteries have seen a sales increase from them over the last six months. Lotto player Albert Atwood is quoted in the report as stating, “Someday somebody is going to win and I hope it is me… I imagine that I would be a heap better off if I saved this money, but everybody has dreams.”

A major factor said to drive the increase in lottery sales is financial insecurity. Atwood, a Nashville retiree is further noted as stating, “I am absolutely not acting in my best economic interest… But we always hope that we win big and that is what drives us.”

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