Dallas Job Fair Packed with Thousands

2009-02-07 02:35:13 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com - Dallas News, News)

Thousands of individuals showed up for Thursday’s job fair in Dallas.

Wired PR News.com – The City of Dallas sponsored job fair on Thursday saw visitors by the masses. As reported by CBS 11 News, hundreds of people at a time could be seen lining up at the fair held at Dallas’ Tommie Allen Recreation Center.

Reports released by the U.S. Labor Department showed there to have been a 35,000 person increase in the number of workers who are without jobs in the area, bringing the total to approximately 626,000.

Jobs were said to be available for workers at the event, however, the number of individuals who showed up exceeded the expectations of organizers. As noted in the report, approximately three dozen companies were represented at the fair.

One job seeker at the event, Tony Banks, is quoted in the CBS 11 report as remarking, “There are lots of positions out there…However, for every one position there are like 300 applicants.”

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