Some OTC Sleep Medications Risky for Older Individuals

2009-06-07 02:41:13 (GMT) ( - Health & Fitness, News)

Some OTC medications and sleep aids can have negative affects on the brains of older individuals.

Wired PR News — A recent study has shown that some over the counter medications may be harmful to older individuals. As reported by HealthDay News, researchers from the University of Indiana have found that some medications taken for pain, as sleep aids, or for other issues may put older individuals at risk for developing brain function complications.

As noted in the report, the researchers concluded after analyzing several studies that a link between a neurotransmitter-blocking molecule contained in certain medications such as Benadryl and negative effects on brain function exists in older adults.

Dr. Malaz Boustani is quoted in the report as stating of the research, “Any OTC medication with the term ‘PM’ will indicate the presence of benadryl, which is bad for the brain… A lot of these medications are not recognized for these side effects. It’s time for the FDA to start taking this negative impact of these medications on the aging brain seriously.”

Boustani is further quoted as cautioning, “Before taking any medication prescribed by your doctor or an OTC medication, make sure there is no negative impact of this medication on your brain.”

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