Winnipeg’s Folkorama – A Vacation Holiday Travel Event – The Largest , Longest Running Multicultural Festival in the World

2009-06-21 23:27:05 (GMT) ( - Press Releases, World News) — Press Release Service — Folkorama – the world’s largest as well as running multicultural festival on the globe is just around the corner from you this summer in Winnipeg Canada. The city of Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba is only a short 450 mile drive north from the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This year you, your family and friends or your bus travel tour can enjoy the more than 40 plus separate cultural pavilions of Folkorama.

From traditional home cooked meals to electrifying nighttime performances by local , national and exotic international entertainers , Folkorama will allow you as well as your party to travel the globe to its most exotic and friendly locales – all without leaving the safety , convenience and familiarity of North America.

What can you expect at Folkorama this August of 2009? First, the most delicious ethnic dishes as well as exotic beverages Secondly friendly Wpg and Manitoba volunteers dressed in traditional ethnic attires and costumes. Without traveling far from home in the US or Canada you will be able to learn about cultures and countries from around the world. Not only that but you will experience dynamic entertaining shows that feature unique, world class entertainment.

As a first timer to the gala events you may be interested in some practical travel tips to the festivities, which occur every night at each of the 40 pavilions. First of all a typical festival gore will want to visit 3 pavilions in a typical evening and try out at least 3 to 6 venues during each of the two weeks of the full Folkorama event. Of course you can choose to spend your whole vacation during the Folkorama events, a week or even a portion of your holiday travel time period. Your best plan is to pick a pavilion that you know that you want to visit, locate it on the map. Next find one or two additional pavilions close by that you can visit for your second or third outing of the evening’s entertainment production.

One of the most notable hallmarks of Folkorama is the unique, varied and tasty foods and beverages available. Meals, beverages, beers and wines from around the globe. All in the nearby and safe settings of Winnipeg Canada. Why travel afar? Go hungry so that you can try an appetizer at the first visit, dinner at the second and a desert at the pavilion where you revel and relish the last show of the evening.

How does the Folkorama multicultural festival work? Folkorama is the a two week long multi-cultural gala fete that features more than 40 separate pavilions held in separate venues across the various neighborhoods of Winnipeg. It’s all most safe as well as friendly. This year in 2009 Folkorama is being held in two separate weeks – Week 1 is August 2 to 8, Week 2 Aug 9 – 15. Half of the pavilion venues operate in week 1 of the festival, half in week 2. Folk-O-Rama is mostly an evening festival though there are some matinees shows during weekends. Visitors to Winnipeg can spend leisurely afternoons relaxing or touring nearby Manitoba tourism facilities – lakes and beaches , shopping at the various shopping centers , visiting famous noted areas and locals such as the must see tourist oasis of the Winnipeg Forks and Assiniboine Park Zoo.

There are pavilions located throughout the entire metropolitan City of Winnipeg. You or your bus tour guide can easily find them mapped out in the center of the Official Folkorama Tour Guide. You can easily obtain a copy of this Folkorama Tour Travel Guide either online, at Travel Manitoba Tourism Offices and at all Winnipeg & Manitoba hotels and motels.

Quality Inn & Suites Winnipeg extended long stay hotel with theme rooms Located conveniently and centrally for the Folkorama festivities and pavilions. Central on the major artery from the States, Pembina Highway with close access to the downtown and Forks areas, Grant Ave route to Portage Ave and St. James regions, Bishop Grandin Blvd for St. Vital as well as Transcona.

Lastly it’s a short drive to the Wpg Perimeter highway for easy access for any travelers arriving by highway and road, as well as a short trip from the Winnipeg International Airport. The Wpg Quality Inn &; Suites offers safe and convenient overnight parking for guests and Folkorama travel tour busses and busloads in its large Fort Garry located parking facilities.

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