Regional cinema gains recognition in Bollywood territory

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Non-Hindi films are reportedly gaining mainstream popularity.

Mumbai ( – Regional cinema is reportedly increasing in popularity with mainstream audiences. As reported by Reuters, non-Hindi films are getting more funding and studio backing, similar to that which is typically equated with the Bollywood film industry.

Former Bollywood filmmaker and current Marathi film director, Mahesh Manjrekar, is quoted in the report as stating of the transition, “Yes, budgets have gone up, and so has the way that our films are marketed and promoted, because a corporate studio has that much more power, which in turn brings in more audiences.”

Manjrekar is further quoted as stating, “I think regional cinema now has the money, and it also has much bolder themes, many more people willing to experiment.”

As noted in the report, some analysts suggest it may be too soon to view recent recognition as sustainable change. Vajir Singh, executive editor at Box Office India magazine, is quoted as stating of the issue, “South Indian films are the only ones which can make a substantial profit so far, mainly owing to the huge star power that their actors enjoy… The rest are still catching up but due to the rise in the number of regional channels and single- screen theatres showing regional films, avenues for monetization are far more than they were before.” – The latest in Bollywood News

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