“Ranking Number One” SEO Book Published For Online Marketers

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jul 05, 2010

Online marketing expert James Beswick has published “Ranking Number One: 50 Essential SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Engine Results” with San Francisco web consultants One Uproar. This new book provides up-to-date information for online marketers including emphasis on social media, creating content and providing local relevance for visitors.

Search engine optimization refers to a set of techniques that help search engines like Google understand website content and rank it accordingly. The author explains: “Most websites do a bad job of SEO but without it even the best website will struggle to get traffic. Any size of website can use SEO to boost their search engine rankings – you just have to know what the engines are looking for.”

The book is split into five parts, including how to build SEO into a website before development, current best practices, and how to maintain search engine rankings as sites develop. Beswick adds: “SEO is not something you do once and then stop – it’s an ongoing part of developing your web strategy and growing your online presence.”

While SEO is often considered highly technical, “Ranking Number One” is squarely aimed at the audience of marketers and business owners without the technical knowledge of website development. By splitting the subject into fifty distinct topics, it leads the reader through a series of steps to improve the rankings of webpages, and how to attract visitors and search engines using engaging content and social media.

“Ranking Number One: 50 Essential SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Engine Results” is now available at Amazon.com, and has a companion website at http://ranking-number1.com.

For more information contact James Beswick at [email protected]

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