Custom Entertainment Solutions Debuts New Life-Like Animatronic Head

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Salt Lake City, Utah ( – Meet Mecha ToMoMi Head. She’s the new animatronic head from Salt Lake City-based Custom Entertainment Solutions (CES). This amazing piece of new technology, which just recently completed a trip to Israel’s Technion Institution of Technology, will be used extensively for future PhD research in human/machine interface research and computer vision systems. The remarkable things that Mecha ToMoMi Head is capable of will set the stage for robotics research and development well into the future.

For example, the independently moving eyes each have a CMOS super-micro color video camera which allows researchers to study stereoscopic vision. The individual eyes do not always have to be parallel, allowing them to focus independently on something in front of the head. This “extreme focus” capability is but one of the many fascinating new features CES has incorporated in to the robot.

Mecha ToMoMi Head is also capable of displaying emotions thanks to 19 degrees of facial movement which reproduce groups of human facial muscles. Operators can create a range of emotions in the face, from happiness to confusion to anger. With the use of a hybrid silicone skin, the face has the look and smoothness of the real thing, even during facial movements.

CES continues to lead the way in new and innovative technology not only for entertainment purposes, but also for scientific research. They hope universities around the world offering robotics and technology programs will find the work they produce to be helpful in their programs. Only time will tell where CES technology will go in the future.

About Custom Entertainment Solutions
Custom Entertainment Solutions is a robotics technology company that designs and manufactures custom animatronic robots, prosthetics, humanoid robots, and original animatronic creatures for the entertainment and education industries. Their creative and highly skilled staff works out of state-of-the-art facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah to produce custom solutions to meet the needs of their clients. If you’d like more information about CES you are encouraged to visit the company website or contact them using the information below.

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