Renewable Energy X Serves Notice to Home & Business Owners

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Silver City, NM ( This notice and pledge by the developers of Renewable Energy X is their call to arms for the inhabitants the Earth to break from using “conventional energy.”

Neil Arnott from Scotland and his partners, Malcolm and Terry Gabriel of the U.S. Are of like mind with the message put out from their new website.

“We have all of these free resources in wind, solar, water and soil (geothermal), yet, we don’t even make a valid attempt to get off using fossil fuels.” This pledge and notice is to warn and awaken the masses to this sad state of affairs.

It is the belief of the owners of that the individual, by becoming aware of the options for using other energy sources, will force governments and big businesses to stop using fossil fuels.

If your building isn’t totally self sufficient energy-wise within 5 year…burn it down and get out of thinking you are a responsible home or business owner…because you are not. You are apathetic and lazy. You don’t really care about your planet or your children’s future home.

Now, Renewable Energy X developers are passionate about their planet. They have raised families and have grown children.

They have been in business and agriculture and have just seen enough. No gimmicks and no fine print,” they added. “We have seen to much talk, tail chasing and foot dragging along the years,” Malcolm Gabriel said.

He also stated that “I am not above reproach either. I spent many years caught up in the corporate world looking to “acquire and secure” so-called security and assets (things). Then one day the phrase, “you cannot take it with you” really hit. Now I am determined to leave this planet in better shape than when I came on board.

I hope the rest of you agree.”

“This is why my wife, Terry and our partner Neil from Scotland are putting our foot down and challenging all the rest of the people on the planet to stop, think about what you are doing and make changes.”

Getting your building off “conventional energy usage” isn’t that hard. It just takes a little focus. Neil, Malcolm and Terry draw on their past business and life experience to find solutions, bring relevant information and solve the challenges facing our planet.

“We all have a stake in our home…our Earth,” Neil states. “We can no-longer wait for legislation to do the job, we the individual inhabitants of planet Earth must raise our voices and be heard, before it is to late.”

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