Entrepreneurs launch resumecoverlettertemplate.com to help with job searches

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In the face of a tough economy many people are looking for ways to get a leg up in their job search, and one group of entrepreneurs are offering help in one important area the resume cover letter. According to resumecoverlettertemplate.com spokesman, “In this economy it is critical that job seekers focus on the entire job application process, and not just the resume itself.”

The website provides advice on a number of topics including:

Features of a good cover letter

How to make the best use of resume cover letters

Tips on writing a resume cover letter

According to Spokesman, “One thing people need to keep in mind is if you don’t have a resume cover letter or one that gets attention your resume might be tossed aside.” In the slumping economy the internet has become the top place for job seekers to look, and if the trend continues resumecoverlettertemplate.com management predicts it will also be more of a focus for people getting ready to start a job search.

According to Spokesman, “Good resume cover letters should highlight your qualifications to a hiring manager. In most open job searches you will find a number of qualified applicants, who fits the job requirement, but it is the creativity and professionalism that you show that might help make you the top choice for the job.”

As evidence of the growing demand for information on resume cover letters management points to data that shows over 30,000 people a month are now searching for “resume cover letters” on a major search engine. According to Spokesman, “the data shows that more people are looking for ways to gain an advantage in the tough job market, and as the economy struggles we feel this trend will continue.”

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