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With government statistics showing increased obesity and childhood diabetes, it has never been more important to help people overcome their weight issues. A March weight loss study indicates that a key weapon in this war against obesity may be chlorogenic acid—a compound found in green coffee.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound contained in green coffee beans, coffee beans that have not yet been processed. (The acid breaks down when coffee is roasted and processed, so simply having a second or third cup of coffee will not help dieters to lose weight.)

About the Study

The March University of Scranton study was conducted on a small sample of obese volunteers in India. The 16 participants were asked to take part in the study for nearly half a year (22 weeks). The participants in the study were all overweight and because of the small size of the study all participants were at one time given a placebo while at another they were given green coffee beans.

The dosage given was also altered (two different dosages of green coffee beans were used, a 700 mg dosage and a 1100 mg dosage). Participants ranged in age from 22 to 46.

Overall, participants lost an average of 17 pounds during the study, losing more weight while on the 700 mg dosages than while on the placebo and losing the most weight while on the 1100 mg dosage. The range of weight loss went from only 7 pounds for some participants to 26 pounds for those on the higher end of the weight loss curve.

(Overall weight was cut by over 10% while body fat was reduced by 16%.)

Participants were asked not to change their diets for the study, taking in approximately 2400 calories per day. They were, however, physically active throughout the study, burning the equivalent of 400 calories a day through exercise. (The study offers promising results but because of its small sample size will like need follow-up studies to confirm the results. A larger study is already planned by the University of Scranton.)

The hypothesis suggested by the study findings point to chlorogenic acid as being the catalyst for the weight loss.

The Connection between Chlorogenic Acid and Weight Loss

Chlorogenic acid is a naturally occurring plant compound found in coffee beans. The current hypothesis by the researcher who conducted the study is that chlorogenic acid hinders glucose absorption by the body which aids in weight loss. When combined with the effects of a small amount of exercise, chlorogenic acid can maximize weight loss by keeping fat from binding with the body. An increased metabolism then helps flush the system of the floating glucose.

Participants thus lose weight by not gaining extra weight.

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