Royal Thai Army and Singapore Army Engaged in Annual Joint Practice

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03/13/2014 (press release: JaturontThan)

Thailand and Singapore are holding their annual joint army training to further strengthen the good relationship both countries have towards one another.

This joint practice of the Royal Thai Army and the Singapore Army is an exchange of military combat practice. It strengthens the force’s relationship between Thailand and Singapore. The code name for this year’s practice is the Kodchasri .16th.

The 2014 compound military practice will be held on 2-4 March 2014 at the army field of the 1st Battalion of 15th Infantry Regiment, Khlong Thom district, Krabi province, Thailand. The previous practice (15th in the series) was held in Singapore between 19 to 26 March, 2013.

This year, the event was opened by Major General Reungsak Suwannak of the Royal Thai Army and his Singapore counterpart, Colonel Wong Yu Hun. These officers hope to exchange knowledge in the field and learn from one another’s experience.

The Kodchasri 16th is a combined practice between Royal Thai Army and Royal Singapore Army to which they send many types of ordnance. In their exercises, both armies exchanged knowledge about infantry tactics which will be useful to Thai and Singapore forces.

The aim of the exercise is to exchange knowledge about field training, covering various manoeuvres and to learn from each another’s experience.

Military personnel involved in these exercises are organized as an infantry battalion of the Royal Thai Army and include soldiers of the 15th Infantry Regiment, its officers, and two rifle companies. The Royal Singapore Army has one company from the 1st Infantry Regiment and the corps of the 2nd Infantry Regiment.

This year’s exercises consist of traditional combat as well as prevention and suppression of insurgency and violent attacks. The training will be rotating through six army training stations in the Krabi province.

These exercises will be held over three days at 1st Battalion of the 15th Infantry Regiment, in Krabi province, Thailand.

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