Are Additives Harmful for Children?

Dallas, Texas ( — According to a recent study, children’s behavior problems and hyperactivity are linked to certain food dyes prevalent in many foods that are pitched to children. The Center for Science in Public Interest has urged the FDA to ban eight food colorings. The eight dyes that were reviewed in the study include […]

Scholars in Gaza Revoked of Their Scholarship by U.S. Government

Jerusalem ( — Since 1946, the Fullbright Scholarship Program has granted nationals of other countries an opportunity to study abroad. Recently eight students in Gaza have been revoked of their scholarship by the U.S. government. In a letter to the students, the consulate explained that the U.S. government cannot finalize their scholarships for this year. […]

CyberKnife Exceeds Gamma Knife non-invasive procedure to treat tumors

Dallas, Texas ( — With the first installation of the Swedish invention the Gamma Knife in 1968, over 500,000 patients have been treated with Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife is stereotactic radiosurgery. Stereotactic refers to the 3D reference frame that is attached to the patient’s head. Radiosurgery uses a single large dose of radiation to stunt […]

Researchers Have Found Link between Vitamin D and Cancer

Dallas, Texas ( — Cancer researchers have found a surprising link between vitamin D deficiency and cancer. According to a recent report, women who suffer from breast cancer and have lower amounts of vitamin D in their blood do not have a positive prognosis. Breast cancer patients with adequate amounts of vitamin D however, have […]

Soldiers Sport Their Scalps on St. Baldrick’s Day

Dallas, Texas ( — In 1999, two men were challenged by their friend to give back to the community. So they decided to shear their manes in support of children with cancer on St. Patrick’s Day in 2000, and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation was born. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the largest cancer fund raising […]

Daughter-see, Daughter-do

Dallas, Texas ( — On a Sunday afternoon, psychologist Dina Zeckhausen rounded up eight mothers and their little girls to whip up some healthy meals at The Cook’s Warehouse in Georgia. Zeckhausen is the founder of the Eating Disorders Information Network and has one goal in mind — to give children a healthy self-image at […]

The Right Time for a Massage

fter a hard day at work, chauffeuring kids to practices and helping them with their homework, shuffling back and forth between work and home can be very stressful. Sometimes we all like to kick back for some well needed R&R by hitting the spa for a massage.

Indoor-Tanning Can Cause Cancer

Dallas, Texas ( — As summer is rolling in, people are getting ready to hit the beach for long sunny days and to get the perfect tan. But some have found indoor-tanning salons as an alternative to outdoor-tanning. The obsession with many Americans to achieve the golden sun-kissed look comes with dire consequences. Recent studies […]