Lindsay Lohan-I can’t use drugs but I am allowed to drink

Chatsworth Pavilion drug rehab center helps people suffering from binge drinking and alcohol dependency overcome their faulty perceptions. Los Angeles, CA(news)–Over the past several years the media has reported story after story referring to Lindsay Lohan’s erratic behavior, late night partying, sexual conquests, binge drinking, and drug abuse. Lindsay Lohan, a known Hollywood wild child, […]

Addiction recovery center says 16 million Americans battle sex addiction

Chatsworth addiction recovery center in Montreal treats sex addicts suffering from addictions like internet porn in a short stay intensive program. Montreal, PQ(news)–Sexual addiction is real and presents itself in many forms from Internet sex, pornography, sexual affairs, to obsessive masturbation. Addiction experts treating all types of self-defeating repetitive behaviors say there is a distinct […]

Does loving sex equal addiction?

03/10/2010 Chatsworth Canada addiction recovery center don’t be Tiger Woods-get help and keep your sex addiction and questionable behavior private. New York, NY (news)–With the recent explosive headlines about Tiger Woods’ personal life and admitted sexual addiction millions of Americans wonder. After the initial shock and awe of the fall of the Professional Golf Association […]

Alcohol rehab center in Canada Anwers on addiction recovery

West Palm Beach, FL–With all the talk of performance enhancing drugs, anabolic steroid use, and two key Major League Baseball (MLB) professionals, hitting coach Mark McGwire and left fielder Matt Holiday during the St. Louis Cardinals’ Winter Warm-Up last weekend, another professional athlete’s legal matters missed the radar. Third baseman David Freese’s recent arrest for […]

Unique Canada drug rehab program by Chatsworth Pavilion: Story on Gambling addiction

Washington, D.C.–Gambling addictions in professional sports have surfaced repeatedly over the last two decades with a swift sweep of the elephant on the court under the parquet. As reported by Business Week’s Scott Soshnick, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Washington Wizard’s pro ball player, Gilbert Arenas, went all in and took the pot. Arenas’ double […]

Sex addiction is no laughing matter – Canada Addiction Rehab Center

Sex addiction is no laughing matter; just ask pro-golfer Tiger Woods who has been involved in a highly publicized string of illicit affairs with a number of mistresses. On the eve of the New Year and on his 35th birthday, it has been reported that Woods has seen the harsh reality of his sex and […]

Canada addiction rehabilitation center UPDATE:

Canada addiction rehabilitation facility Chatsworth Pavilion offers resources and information for those in need of help. December 24, 2009 – The use of drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment facilities has significantly increased over time. The more widespread occurrence of substance abuse and awareness about addiction disorders has been a contributing factor to the increase, as […]