Prices of textbooks to fall by next year CD-ROMs extremely helpful

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( — According to a recent study, it has been found that the price of textbooks which have tripled in the last two decades may start declining due to new laws, startup companies and modern technology. Undergraduate students who like to take advantage of new alternatives may easily cut down their costs on […]

Duplium – New Member of Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Duplium is pleased to be new members of the Dallas Chamber, and they look forward to building great relationships with local companies. Duplium Corporation – Dallas can be contacted at 972-512-0014 or check them out on the web at

Dallas DVD Duplicator, Duplium Announces Launch of 3PL

Duplium a largest disk duplication company with manufacturing plants in Dallas/Toronto announces launch of supply chain management services, also know as 3pl. Solutions include Printing, Kitting, E-commerce, web shops, Inventory Management, optical disk, dvd duplication, replication.