Obama Wants Government to Silence ACORN Critics

Crushing free speech through government intimidation and lawsuits is what Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to do those who dare to bring up ACORN and voter fraud issues. Fort Worth, TX (WiredPRNews.com)— In a move that should scare everyone, attorney Robert Bauer with Obama for America asked the Department of Justice to start an investigation […]

Obama’s Socialist Foundation

Senator Obama’s class warfare rhetoric and recent comments about ‘spreading the wealth’ show that his economic view is solidly socialist. Fort Worth, TX (WiredPRNews.com)—Senator Obama’s recent comments to an Ohio plumber about taxing small business owners who make at least $250,000 a year shows that his economic policies would punish those who work and reward […]

Issues, Not Spending, Will Determine Election Winner

The Democrat party is outspending Republicans but issues will determine the winner. Fort Worth, TX (WiredPRNews.com)—A recent report shows that Democrats are outspending Republicans in the 2008 presidential race. According to an October 19, 2008 article by Jim Kuhnhenn of the Associated Press that appeared at Brietbart.com, Obama’s campaign collected $150 million dollars in September. […]

Wired PR Money News: Credit Freeze May be Thawing as LIBOR drops

The London Interbank Offered Rate for dollars has dropped to a record low, prompting the credit markets to loosen up. Fort Worth, TX (WiredPRNews.com)—The credit market may be loosening up as the LIBOR, or London Interbank Offered Rate, for US currency has dropped to its lowest rate in four years. According to an October 17, […]