There is a lot you do not know about Child Support

Atlanta, GA ( There is a lot that you probably do not know about child support in Alpharetta. For example wages, pensions, investments, business income and even unemployment insurance can be garnished for unpaid child support. So can tax refunds, military pay, Social Security and almost any income an ex spouse is receiving. It is […]

You Need Somebody to Protect Your Legal Rights in a Divorce Case

Atlanta, GA ( If you are going through a divorce, thinking about divorce or think your spouse is thinking about divorce you need to retain an experienced divorce lawyer in Alpharetta GA to protect your rights and interests. You will need to retain an attorney because of the nature of our court system. In our […]

Believe: Indulge and Lose Weight

Atlanta, GA ( The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a critical hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy that supports the nutrition needs of the baby while inside the womb. A diet plan that is similar to the Atlanta HCG diet works to ensure a healthy weight balance, manage body fat and regulate overall weight, […]

Gear Your Social Life to Success

Abrams, WI ( Something that successful women have in common is a social life that is geared towards success. Women who succeed recognize that their social life is just as critical to their future, their career and their dreams as their business, education and career. Women that fail neglect their social lives and their relationships. […]

The Role of Networks in Women’s Success

Atlanta, GA ( Most successful people get that way because they create a network of people that helps and supports them. This often goes more so for women than for men. The role of networks in women’s success is an obvious one yet many people do not see it because they do not see the […]

Are Leadership Training Programs Really Effective?

Atlanta, GA ( The rush to enroll in leadership training and development has increased over a number of years as more jobs needing leadership skills are now in the market. Unlike the eight to five jobs of yesteryears where growth and promotion in the job relied more on the person’s punctuality and hours spent on […]

What to do if you are a Victim of Fraud Overseas?

Atlanta, GA ( Many people mistakenly believe that you may have no legal recourse if you are a victim of fraud while you are overseas. If you lose money in a business or investment scam in a foreign country, you might be able to file a lawsuit and recover some money. For example if you […]

Successful Women Need Network for Support

Garden City, NY ( Even more than successful men, successful women need networks for support. Behind almost every successful individual there is almost always a network of people or a number of networks. There are actually several kinds of networks that successful women rely upon for support. The first is the family which includes parents, […]

Robert Abrams, Launches Campaign to Plan for the Elder Years

Famed Attorney and Nationally Recognized Elder Care Authority,Robert Abrams, Launches Campaign to Encourage Americans to Plan for the Elder Years –Co-founder of Abrams Fensterman Details Planning Challenges that Often Accompany Getting Older— –Movement Promises to Save Lives and Money, and Increase the Quality-of-Life for Millions– Lake Success, NY ( Robert Abrams, a founding member of […]

The Difference between Training and Leadership Development

Atlanta, GA ( Unfortunately many organizations confuse leadership development and training. This is a mistake because training is only part of leadership development, not the entire process. Leadership development is a comprehensive process that consists of: • Identification of potential leaders. • Training of potential leaders. • Providing support for potential leaders in the form […]