Profiles in Technology: Rasmus Refer, B2B Innovator

New York, NY ( As part of our continuing series Profiles in Technology highlighting the biographies of some influential thinkers and doers leading the rebirth in the Information Technology marketplace, this month we take a closer look at Rasmus Refer, the B2B innovator best known for plugging his popular business-to-business information and search engine platform […]

At the Frontier Between B2B & Social Media: An Interview With Rasmus Refer, Founder of Masterseek

Courtesy of the B2B Tech Report Geneva, Switzerland ( At the beginning of an interview with Rasmus Refer, the founder of and a leading B2B visionary, the first thing a reporter notices is the depth and intensity and depth of Refer’s gaze… He seems to be looking far into the future, as if seeing […]

Good News In The B2B Buying-Group Deals Space

New York, NY ( Finally, we are able to report some good news in the B2B group deals and group-buying space: Yellow Group International Corp. (YGI), a leading provider of B2B advertising, buying services and social-media services, has now introduced Yellow Coupon (, the emerging leader of business-to-business group-coupon services, which offers deep-discount group deals […]

Rasmus Refer – B2B Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011

New York, In recent weeks, the whisper among business-to-business technology professionals has now become a loud buzz, perhaps soon to be a shout heard worldwide… Rasmus Refer for B2B Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. By Jason Porterfield, For B2B Tech World As in the past, during 2011 leading professionals in the online B2B space […]